Dallas Bell

Dallas Bell

Dallas F. Bell Jr. graduated with a political science degree and was designated as a Distinguished Military Graduate in 1979. His military schools include Airborne, Ranger, the Infantry and Military Intelligence Officer's Advanced Courses, among many others.

Since leaving the U. S. Army, he has written three major works: Deductive Unification, Metamorphoses Principles and Appalachian Exile. They are condensed into his ten page paper How Theology Dictates Political Systems: An Extract from the Deductive Unification of Anthropocentric Knowledge.

He has also developed a flow chart titled The Basic Elements, Factors and Variables of Systematic Political Science. Dallas and his wife live in a log cabin they built in Cosby, Tennessee.

Dallas F Bell Jr is a member of American Mensa.

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Systematic Political Science

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630 Easter Way

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email:  DllsB7@AOL.com