Capital Christmas

by Helene Parry

1 Mary was at home when an Angel came Holloway from Heaven to visit her.  Mary was Morden shocked when the Angel told her she Wood End up having a baby who would be the Lord's son.

2 Mary and her betrothed, Joseph, travelled to Bethlehem for the census, because Joseph was of that City Line.  The journey was not an EC1 because Mary was a Ladywell into her pregnancy.  But they Preston Road all the way to Bethlehem, no matter Hounslow the donkey was.

3 In the City there was a Shoreditch of accommodation, but one innkeeper let them Bank down in his stable.  It had no Waterloo or central Eton, but at least they didn't have to Kew. Baby Jesus was born there, with cattle and a massive Vauxhall standing around, and straw from the Haymarket.

4 Now, on the Heathrows of shepherds were keeping watch by their Cheapside. They saw a Wapping great star in the sky.  The Angel came to them, so they walked a Fairmile to Bethlehem to see the baby. And the angels gathered in the skies to Clapham.

5 Then came three Kings Crossing the land from the East End. They stopped at King Harrod's Crystal Palace to seek the baby, but the star showed them the right Plaistow go. They came with gifts of gold, frankincense and Merton kneel before the child.

6 King Harrods sprang into Acton and vowed to kill the baby.  But the Angel told Joseph a Goodmayes, Soho he took his family home through Egypt.  That way they escaped a Harrowing end. And the Lord looked after The Mall.