Face to Face

by Helene Parry

Prize-winning poem written by Helene (well, it won £20 in a Mensa competition - you had to write a poem that read the same forwards as backwards).


Face To Face

'Is he here? Yes! Here he is,' murmurs everyone.

Heads all turning,

Hearts melting.

The all-conquering hero,

Good gracious! Just steps away!

You reflect, eyes open wide -

Reality, or dream?

Meeting this man is magic. What is that?

It is this wonderful feeling: faster-beating heart,

Your dreams of stuff like shared warmth, understanding kind of look,

A smile, locking eyes ... Your moment.

Your hero remains still, but stares.

Perhaps he fears your face, now pink!

Going forward, feeling shy,

You, with hands shaking - Him!

'Speak, can't you?' urges your mind. (Never!)

Then talk to him! Get better acquainted!' Shock tactics, these!



These tactics shock. Acquainted?

Better get him to talk, then ... Never mind your urges. You can't speak.

Him, shaking hands with you!

Shy, feeling forward, going pink ... Now face your fears,

He perhaps stares, but still remains - hero!

Your moment, your eyes locking.

Smile, a look of kind understanding, warmth shared.

Like stuff of dreams! Your heart beating faster, feeling wonderful.

This is it. That is what magic is.

Man! This meeting - dream or reality?

Wide-open eyes reflect you,

Away steps just, gracious, good hero, conquering all the melting hearts, turning all heads.

Everyone murmurs, 'Is he here?

Yes, here he is.'

Copyright © Helene Parry December 2003 All Rights Reserved