Home From Home

by Helene Parry

On dream holiday

Away, friends all, again,

Escape!  Great!

The distractions only summer brings -

Nothing but sunshine for long days.

Cold ice-cream,

Suntan ...  " 'Bin abroad?"

 - neighbour's chippy!

The round trips, sightseeing,

Sole strain:  on bank!

Rowing, family activity,

Main adventure, outdoor abandon.

Everyone faces long day ...

all inside garden, soaking up sun,


Chilling ...

Sun-up:  soaking garden.

Inside all day,

Long faces.

Everyone, abandon outdoor adventure.

Main activity:  family rowing - bank on strain!

Sole sightseeing trip's round the chippy.

Neighbours abroad.

Bin suntan cream.

Ice-cold days,

Long for sunshine,

But nothing brings summer.

Only distraction's

"The Great Escape" (again).

All friends away.

Holiday?  Dream on!

Copyright © Helene Parry 2005 All Rights