Re: Verse

by Helene Parry


Peace in lounge.

Object: you being idle.

Duties at work task your mind,

Matters pressing ...

More tend to turn up,

Give you weary feeling still.

Body's soft, doing nothing,

You can't move.

Cosy and nice place,

Warmest enjoying fire you had been, ever,

Armchair comfy, your overstretched eyes closed ... asleep.

Sound is outside ...

From intruder? Friend?

Firm, calm, taking breath ...

With apprehension, sudden, turning you to creaking door ...

Over-anxiety -

In strolls cat!

Cat strolls in,

Anxiety over!

Door creaking to.

You, turning,

Sudden apprehension -

With breathtaking calm,

Firm friend, intruder from outside,

Is sound asleep, closed eyes,

Stretched over your comfy armchair!

Ever been had?

You fire: 'Enjoying warmest place? Nice and cosy?

Move, can't you?'

Nothing doing - soft body's still!

Feeling weary, you give up,

Turn to tend more pressing matters,

Mind your task, work at duties.

'Idle being!' you object,

'Lounge in peace, napping cat!'