A Shadow in the Valley

It is only a shadow in the valley,  (a)

If we seek to walk with Christ truly.  (b)

He is the light for our journey,  (c)

If we desire His way entirely.  (d)

Penny's Poetry

We should not wander, fear or waver,  (e)

Nor look to left or right, ever.  (e)

Only seek His face, unlike Peter,   (f)

Who looked at the wind and the water.

Penny's Poetry

God gives us eternal life, through Him.  (g)

Only Jesus has the highest Name.  (h)

It is above every other; so never turn

and follow any shadow in that gloom.  (i)

Penny's Poetry

The Lord Almighty is our strength and shelter.  (j)

He sends the Holy Spirit to us thither.  (k)

Then He guides each of us to gather,  (l)

The lost sheep, the children, He wants to nurture.  (m)

Penny's Poetry

(a) Psalm 23

(b) John 8:12

(c) Psalm 119:105 & Isaiah 8:20

(d) John 14:6

(e) Joshua 1:7-9

(f) Matthew 14:27-32

(g) John 3:16

(h) Philippians 2:9,10

(i); John 1:5, Isaiah 60:1, 2 & Acts 4:12

(j) Psalm 91

(k) John 14:15-26

(l) Luke 11:23 & Psalm 126:5,6

(m) Matthew 18:12-14

by Penny Chambers  02/05/2000

© Copyright 2000 All Rights Reserved