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Wait, it gets worse!

Much worse.

It's now even spread widely in "health care".

More than ever, Christians need to be salt, yeast and light in this darkening world.

The Killing Obsession

The world seems obsessed with killing. The time from womb to tomb has been determined by some to be negotiable. Articles in this section look at some aspects of the world's macabre activities.

Look into the abortion industry starting with the woman who was the Roe of Roe versus Wade, the case that legalized abortion in the United States.

Listen to an expert on killing. Former US Army Ranger and West Point Professor of Psychology Dave Grossman exposes the methodology of the industry that trains our children to kill. And to enjoy killing.

This section will help readers to understand some of the forces operating in our world.

It is not just in pre-birth killing. Trends are moving towards the practice, permitted or not, of killing babies already born. The instinctive killers find their way by saying that a premature baby or any baby who cannot survive without help can be called not human and killed.

Is the killing of babies just "collateral damage" to the infant "food" industry? Breastfeeding remains the best way to feed a baby, yet every day some 4,000 babies die from unsafe bottle feeding. Around the world, mothers are pressured by sophisticated and well-financed marketing to bottle feed rather than breast feed their babies. In many areas of the world, mothers unwittingly mix powdered baby "food" preparations with dirty water.

Baby Milk Action

The emerging pressure is from bioethicists. Including many of the academic elite, this movement is impelled forward by business and pseudo-intellectual forces. Bioethicists, as Wesley Smith says, have become a cult urging new definitions and legal authority for usable and disposable "non-persons", and are growing in numbers and power. Read an interview with Wesley Smith.

How medicine has changed! The worst serial killer in Britain have turned out to be a doctor who killed more than two hundred of his patients (some say more than five hundred). A nurse killed more than a dozen.

If a man were to take a baby an hour old, thrust a pair of scissors into its skull and then insert a suction tube and suck out the baby's brains, and if he were to do this to several new-born babies a day, he would be called a criminal; he would earn a long prison sentence and he would be scorned by the community. But if a man were to do the same thing an hour before the babies were born, he would be called a doctor; he would earn probably more than a quarter million dollars a year and he would be a respected member of the community. Learn more about partial birth abortion.