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Welcome to the Editor's Section

This section contains my own thoughts. In my writing I do not attempt to please anyone. I just try to express what I have come to believe after more than fifty years as a believer in the Lord Jesus.


We do not plan to install blog software on this site, but we do value feedback.

Your comments and observations are welcome and if you would like to email them to me via our contact page, I will endeavour to post some below the relevant articles.

If you go to the About me page you can read more personal stuff.

While this website has been going for more than a decade, it is only recently that I have been able to put time and effort into making it what I think its visitors deserve.

Your thoughts?

Anyone visiting this website (and me writing it) have theological thoughts of one kind or another at some time or another.

If you are not a disciple and student of Jesus you may be neutral or antagonistic towards what you view as "Christianity". But you probably have some questions playing around in your mind.

If you are in the greater "Christian" community you may also have questions. However, in answering these questions you may sometimes feel a need to try to sound orthodox (and give the "right" answer) so as not to bring criticism upon yourself.

And, of course the two positions described above may also be seen as the end points of a merismus.

My suggestion is that you start to log your questions and hold on to them for the day when you may be in an environment conducive to adequate discussion.

But please don't let them just slip away.

Thanks to ClustrMaps we can picture where on our planet our many visitors live.

As expected, most visitors are from countries that might broadly be characterised as "Christian". However, we are also visited by people from those parts of the world where Christianity is not well understood. Indeed, in the perception of many, Christianity is not necessarily viewed as being anything good.

I will address this in a future article, but suffice it to say at this point that critics of things like the Crusades or the costumes worn by church leaders are not really wrong. There are many activities in history that have nothing to do with Jesus, in spite of the propaganda.

One area of Bible study I have done a lot of work on is male and female roles and relationships. More about this later, but for now let me say that the boys who claim "men are the boss" are completely, I say again, completely, wrong.