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Shifting the Paradigm

Shifting the Paradigm

These articles will help and challenge. And they may just infuriate! But they are intended to lubricate the inevitable consequences of applying mind to Christianity.

The Bumblebee Book is an allegorical story that illustrates the usefulness of paradigm shift. When I first wrote it I had in mind some of the women I had observed when they learned some passages of scripture are translated through the filter of the translator's prejudice against women.

Snowflake is not just about the illusion of symmetry in nature but also an opportunity to share some empathetic insights into the often sad lives of highly gifted dyslexic children. Dyslexia seems to be more prevalent among the highly gifted than we might have expected.

Doing Theology is a blunt, simple and short article to remind us what theology is all about. I find it helpful to be brought down to earth with some regularity.

Theology of Structure is an article to introduce the evolution of the structure the church has become. I might add mischievously that the men who argue so vociferously against biological evolution are quite happy to slide past us the evolution of the church! This little sketch is an overview of what I see as the most significant bifurcation points in that evolution.

Christian Structure begins the discussion of how Christians can 'set' a system when they learn about systems and the importance of setting a system with biblical information. Are you tired of boards packed with The Testosterone Generation? Think there is more to running churches and Christian organizations than copying business and military structures? Take another look at some pivotal scriptures.

Evangelicalsim is an overview of what has latterly become a majority of Christian expression and how it too is a thought corral.

Fine Scale Feedback shares a couple of insights into the significance of the fine scales on the overall system. Not allegorical, but useful.

Elder Rule Have they come to your neighborhood yet? They have a wonderful plan for your life! Learn how to see them for what they are and send them packing.

Peacemaking After the wars it is usually the men who get together to divide things up, administer 'justice' and set the new rules. Try the New Testament approach. It's better 'cause of Who gave it to us!